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Supply Binglie glass

Supply Binglie glass
  • Supply Binglie glass
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Ice crack glass should belong to a laminated glass. Laminated glass is in between two or more pieces of glass of the original film, with PVB ( polyvinyl butyral ) resin film, after heating, pressurization or bonded plane surfaces composite glass products. Original sheet for laminated glass may be an ordinary sheet glass, float glass, tempered glass, stained glass, heat-absorbing glass or heat-reflective glass. Laminated glass layers have 2357 layers, up to 9 layers of two layers of laminated glass, the thickness of the original sheet is commonly used (mm):. 2 + 33 + 33 + 5 laminated glass and other good transparency, impact resistance several times higher than the general flat glass, with multilayer ordinary glass or tempered glass composite up, can be made of bulletproof glass. Since the adhesion of PVB film, even broken glass, flying debris will not hurt. by using different original glass, laminated glass may also have durable, heat, moisture and other properties