Supply of high-borosilicate glass

Supply of high-borosilicate glass

Product description:

The main business of the original film are: green; gray; black; blue; tea; gold 6 colors (3 ~ 15mm) series of products; 0.3-25mm clear float glass.

Deep-processing products: Building hollow glass, sound insulating glass, glass, fireplace glass, high temperature glass, LOW-E insulating glass, explosion-proof glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, fire insulating glass, safety glass, tempered glass, bending glass, hyperbolic curved tempered glass, heat-fog insulating glass, furniture, glass, laminated glass, ITO conductive glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, electronic glass, AR coated glass, picture frame glass, radiation protection lead glass, craft glass , ultra-white glass, LED glass, dimming glass, wire glass, figured glass, silver mirror and special glass.

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Borosilicate (also known as hard glass), due to linear thermal expansion coefficient (3.3 Disabled 0.1) * 10-6 / K, was also known as 'borosilicate glass 3.3'. It is a low-expansion, high temperature, special glass material having a high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability, because of their excellent performance, are widely used in solar energy, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging, electric light, jewelry and other industries. It has good performance has been widely recognized by the world community, especially the field of solar energy applied more widely, Germany, the United States and other developed countries has been more widely promoted.