Supply of fire-resistant glass

Supply of fire-resistant glass

Product description:

A fire-resistant glass is provided in the fire test to maintain its integrity and insulation of special glass, according to fire resistance class is divided into three categories:

A Class

While meeting the fire integrity, fire insulation required fire-resistant glass consists of two composite fire-resistant glass and fire-resistant glass such perfusion type having a light-transmitting glass and fire. (Compartment smoke; compartment fire; blocking heat radiation), noise , impact resistance, suitable for architectural wood fire doors, windows, the bright, partition walls, skylights, smoke screen, perspective flooring and other building components require both transparent and in fireproof.

Class B

Fireproof glass, including fire-resistant glass and rectangular porthole windows fire-resistant glass, the outer surface of the glass is tempered safety glass, the inner surface of the glass material types can be freely selected.

Class C

Only to meet the requirements of fire integrity monolithic fire-resistant glass. Such glass has a light, fire, and smoke, and high strength, suitable for the required non-insulated fire glass partition walls, fire windows, outside walls and the like.

Fire Glass (English name: Anti-fireGlass, also known as Fire-resistanglass), its role in the fire when the primary is to control the spread of fire or the smoke, is a measure of fireproof material type, the fire effects in refractory performance Evaluation.