Supply dimming glass

Supply dimming glass

Product description:

Dimming glass combined projection Glass Description:

Intelligent dimming glass, also known as Magic electrically controlled glass, is an intelligent high-grade glass. Uses a unique crystal pillar, the supply voltage can be adjusted by controlling the realization of the glass transition between transparent and opaque. Energized transparent, off Power status is opaque. This change implements the dual demands of glass permeability and privacy while using intelligent dimming glass laminated glass manufacturing process, making intelligent dimming glass has the performance of laminated glass.


??????? Energized transparent, scrub off. From the tone light film of 'electro-optic effect'

??????? Safety: the use of laminated glass production process film can securely bonded sandwich of glass, allows dimming glass broken by the impact, the glass fragments bonded in the film, does not appear the glass. flying debris wounding.

??????? Environmental characteristics: dimming glass film and transfer film can shield more than 90% and more than 98% of infrared ultraviolet, infrared shielding can reduce heat radiation and transfer, UV shielding to protect interior furnishings do not appear to fade due to UV radiation, aging and so on.

??????? Soundproofing characteristics: dimming glass intermediate film has a sound damping effect, can effectively block all kinds of noise.


??????? Monolithic glass Maximum size:? W1200mm * H2600mm

??????? Glass Specifications: ordinary white glass, super white glass, colored glass, thickness 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.

??????? Sandwich thickness:? Approximately 1.14mm

Power performance

??????? Operating voltage: AC60-75V

??????? Frequency Range: 50HZ ?? ~ ?? 60HZ

??????? Amps: AC110V under 100mA per square meter??

??????? Power consumption:?? A C110V under 5W per square meter

??????? Switching speed: less than one second [congmoshadaotouming: 100haomiao, congtoumingdaomosha: 400haomiao]

Optical performance ???

??????? Through the power switch control between the frosted glass and transparent conversion

??????? Parallel optical transmission: Power 75%, power 10%

??????? Sunlight transmission: Power 80%, power 60%

??????? Frosted degree: Power 3%, power 82%

??????? UV: more than 98%

??????? Viewing angle: 130 degrees

Use of the environment

??????? Minus ten degrees Celsius to plus sixty degrees Celsius

??????? Life: more than a decade

??????? Quality assurance: One year


??????? Balcony windows; the hotel shower room; interior partition; small home theater curtain

??????? Curtain; office; meeting room partition

??????? High-grade construction, control centers

??????? Medical institutions; all kinds of refrigerators and other equipment; medical; projection

??????? Bank; jewelry; shopping malls display cabinet; billboards; insurance company

??????? Restaurants; museums; churches

Layer glass transparent process Chinese name: laminated glass, laminated glass English name: LaminatedGlass Product Category: Safety glass, product characteristics: transparent; riot; Waterproof; UV range of applications: engineering decoration; outdoor decoration; home decoration materials Location: architectural laminated glass thickness range: 9mm-100mm Size range: 0 Unlimited / m2