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Supply of float glass

Supply of float glass
  • Supply of float glass
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Float forming process is to pass into the protective gas tin bath complete. Float glass is widely used, divided into colored glass, float silver mirror, white float glass / windscreen level, float white glass / all kinds of deep processing level, float white glass / scanner class, white float glass / coating grade, white float glass / mirror stage, where ultra-white float glass with a wide range of uses and broad market prospects, mainly used in high-grade construction, high-grade glass processing and solar photovoltaic glass curtain walls and high-end furniture, decorative glass, crystal products, lighting glass, precision electronics industry, specialty construction and other ..

Humans learned to manufacture glass has been the history of thousands of years, but 1000 years, as the development of architectural glass material is relatively slow. With the improvement of modern science and technology and glass technology development and people's living standards, architectural glass function does not and then just to meet the lighting requirements, but to have to regulate light, thermal insulation, security (bullet-proof; theft; fire; radiation; anti-electromagnetic interference)., Art Deco and other characteristics with the continuous development needs, glass molding and processing method has also been a new development now has developed a laminated steel, ion exchange, glazed decoration, chemical thermal decomposition and new technologies such as cathode sputtering, glass, the amount of the glass in buildings is increasing rapidly, becoming Following the cement and steel after the third-largest.