Supply of polycrystalline glass

Supply of polycrystalline glass

Product description:

The main business of the original film are: green; gray; black; blue; tea; gold 6 colors (3 ~ 15mm) series of products; 0.3-25mm clear float glass.

Deep-processing products: Building hollow glass, sound insulating glass, glass, fireplace glass, high temperature glass, LOW-E insulating glass, explosion-proof glass, fire-resistant glass, bullet-proof glass, fire insulating glass, safety glass, tempered glass, bending glass, hyperbolic curved tempered glass, heat-fog insulating glass, furniture, glass, laminated glass, ITO conductive glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, electronic glass, AR coated glass, picture frame glass, radiation protection lead glass, craft glass , ultra-white glass, LED glass, dimming glass, wire glass, figured glass, silver mirror and special glass.

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Paint glass English name: Paintglass paint glass paint glass sample diagram is a very expressive decorative glass varieties, you can spray, roller, screen printing or curtain coating, etc. to reflect the painted glass in the industry is also called. lacquered glass, minutes flat glass and frosted painted glass paint. is grilled in the back of the painting glass in 30-45 degree oven for 8-12 hours, and in many places the production of painted glass commonly used dry naturally, but natural dry The paint adhesion is relatively small, in wet environments easily. As we all know, the human body has a certain paint hazards in the painted glass in order to ensure the health and safety needs of modern requirements for environmental protection and human, and therefore when the paint made of glass Note that the use of environmentally friendly materials and coatings.