Glass Machinery - bottle manufacturing machine

Glass Machinery - bottle manufacturing machine

Product description:

Machinable maximum size: Length:, width:, height: (mm)
Machinable minimum specifications: Length:, width:, height: (mm)
Brand: New Chengda

Bottle manufacturing machine:

Weifang Xincheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has committed to the glass machinery, glass jars machinery research and development and manufacturing, production of glass machinery sold throughout the country and abroad. Technical force, physical and chemical testing means complete, excellent quality assurance system and service system through the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification.

Bottle manufacturing machine has various models, mainly single drop bottle manufacturing machine: QD2C / QD4C / QD6C / QD 8C , QD2A / QD4A / QD 6A , HJ-4 / HJ-6 / HJ-8 / HJ-10, HD-4 / HD-6 / HD-8 / HD-10 and the like; double drip bottle manufacturing machine main push model: HD4-108 / HD4 -140 / HD4-127, HD6-108 / HD6-140 / HD6-127, HD8-140 / HD8-108 / HD8-127 like.

Double drops HD6-140 bottle manufacturing machine main technical features:

1, electronic or electromechanical servo dosing dosing system

2, the electronic timing of electrical valve box gas distribution systems

3, the level of electronic or electro-mechanical dial dial bottle bottle bottle aside two-cylinder system

4, the width of the main frame column and plate quick regulator means

5, a silent chain drive machine before transfusion bottles

6, the hydraulic damping bidirectional dual-rack clamp shifter mechanism

7, belt or gear clamp bottle cantilever mechanism

8, at the beginning, molding switch oil bath tank copper head hinge mechanism

9 , 190mm Large-bore into the blank mold switch

10, quick-change pressure blowing mechanism, quick-change mechanism and tongs bottle being blown fixture

11, with a set of ring and closed cam flutter gas; funnel; positive blowing mechanism

12, the vertical cooling and vacuum forming mold bottom institution

13, the new early-die protection bracket

14, pay would step phase modulation frequency automatic synchronization system

15, more concentrated time quantitative automatic lubrication system

16, the new split flow feeding system