5OZ color logo tea cups | beverage cups | PP rigid | Mug | cup milk

5OZ color logo tea cups | beverage cups | PP rigid | Mug | cup milk

Product description:

Custom processing It is Plastic varieties PP Delivery type customizable
Is there a cover Covered Body Diameter 65 (mm) capacity 150 (ml)
caliber 65 (mm) Colour Transparent color logo use Generic packaging, jelly cups, tea cups, food packaging, other

Categories: cold drink cups, cups, drink cups, juice cups

Material: PP

Capacity: 150ml

Color: Clear

Within printable logo, logo to the four-color: pattern

Price: PP: 0.11 / PCS

Packing: 100 / bag 25 bags / box

Suitable for: coffee, tea, wine, water, tea, drinks, cold drinks, ice cream cups

Applications: fairs, advertising and promotion, medicine and other drinking

Product specifications, pattern printing can be customized according to the buyer's needs, Wallpapers to four colors within

Purchase Notes:

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