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High heels companion | Crystal half a yard pad | silicone elastomer before palm pad

High heels companion | Crystal half a yard pad | silicone elastomer before palm pad
  • High heels companion | Crystal half a yard pad | silicone elastomer before palm pad
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Other info: 1KG
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Condition: Brand new
Color: As pictured
Material: Silicon gel
G / W: 16g


Easy to use
Clear gel, ultra slim and discreet
Fashion & Concise design
Ideal for closed sandal shoes
Power resistance to stop shoes slipping and rubbing
Shields stay firmly in place for long lasting cushioning & protection
Specially shaped for a comfortable fit around the heel
Can also be used to cushion the inside top of a mule
Miraculous Reusable Gel Sandal Shoelace Stops Shoes Slipping (Invisible)

Package included

1 pair Silicone elastic forefoot pad


Hand wash and let dry naturally away from direct sunlight.

SKU: HP-LG-071

Transparent color, inconspicuous Various shoes apply. Heels in use, feet on It does not hurt anymore, oh.

• the entire piece from silicone repression, pliable and elastic.

• Front embossed particles, buffer, massage, slip, comfortable.

• Back smooth plane, the use of silicone itself adhesion adsorption in the shoe, do not glue. Firmly attached to the strip but convenient, no residue.

Including inside the leather, PU, ​​on suede, can firmly adsorption, does not shift.

• You can trim the edge to resize themselves. (Not the size problem)

• flat heeled shoes can slip massage the soles.

• Clip toe shoes can also be used as long as the cut a hole in the insoles, inserted into the herd. And the gap will not expand.

For additional information please see the picture.
(Note: the flat side of the diagram, is a two-piece stick together, it looks like the middle of a thick plastic sheet separated.)

A pair of palm rest before a variety of purposes, all kinds of shoes suitable absolute value for money!

Shopkeeper has figured out a variety of usage, see the picture. To try out Duman suitable therefore comfortable shoes foot feeling generally a lot more comfortable shoes originally raised foot.

Conventional usage: do forefoot pad, the bulk of forward placement, more in line with the curvature of the soles might put a little bit later, more focus, and will not transfer a small shoe size.

When used in clip toe shoes, cut openings in the proper position, can be inserted. Chasm will not expand.

Do heel pad: flat shoes or flat drag, although no high-heeled a burden, but sometimes with the bottom too hard, wear a long time will foot pain or heel to forefoot pad placed directly on the heel, it is a pair of light. The heel pad; put in the arch, the same ease arch pressure did not Ge feet.

In single shoes without pruning, and in both directions. When put sandals adjust the edge, trim right on the line. Stuck in the heel will not go away, oh.

SKU: HP-LG-071