Massage belt, slimming belt, sauna belt vibration

Massage belt, slimming belt, sauna belt vibration

Product description:


The latest development of the sauna belt through a local sauna way minus your unwanted fat and waist hip fat, reduce weight but also can ease muscle pain, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea and other kinds of pain. All this can be comfortably sit in the home to easily finish, and low cost, does not have to spend thousands of Yuan redemptive a bulky slimming equipment. The sauna belt to focus on your most problematic body parts, through sauna to eliminate waste toxins, dissolving the fat.

This portable sauna is the most suitable for the abdomen, waist, back, hips and. You just need to belt around in your choice of position, and then open the belt sauna function can, very easy to use. It uses Velcro firmly fixed, do not worry loose. Sauna, you will greatly enhance the new supersedes the old., just 50 minutes, you will be dissolved a few pounds of fat, waist and hip circumference will reduce 2CM, while excluding large waste toxins, you will feel more relaxed!

  • Promotes blood circulation by vibrating to help you lose weight

  • Thermal therapy for your waist; back; abdomen; waist; back; hip; thigh; leg

  • Can sauna and reduce extra fat and you make slim

  • Very safe to use

  • Very easy to use, especially for the old

  • Environment-friendly

Weight: 730 grams

The 110 voltage and 220 voltage (note which voltage you need)

Volume; 63-47-45 cm

100% brand new with retail box


* Vibrating Slimming Massage Belt
* Controller
* Power Adapter
( 110V or 220V )

Massage belt; thin belt; sauna belt vibration