Head massager | blending

Head massager | blending

Product description:


After a hard day's work at office, go home and use this handy product with easy-grip handle over your head scalp, neck or any point on your body for a while. Your tiredness will vanish and your muscles will be relaxed. You are ready to shake a leg at the evening party! Also you can massage your head & neck with one hand while sitting on the couch and watching TV or reading the morning paper.

100% Brand new head massager to massage relax your body

Very good for massaging your scalp without too much effort

Remove the muscle tension & tiredness and improve the blood circulation by massaging head or points on body

Light weight manual massager, ideal for health care

This head massager is suitable for home, travel and office use

This stress relax massage is healthy and portable to take


`Material: Plastic
`Color: Random
`Dimension: 90 x 180mm
`Weigh: 34g

What's in the box

  • 1 x Finger Style Soft Resin Head Massager