Gabion mesh/Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Gabion mesh/Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Product description:


gabion wire mesh
Mesh: 60x8080x100100x120120x150
Dia: 2.0-4.5mm
Material: galvanized wire, PVC coated wire etc.
ISO: 9001

Gabion wire mesh

Features of gabion wire mesh

1, it is very economical . You just need to put stone in the mesh and then seal it .

2, it is flexible , corrosion resistant and can stand up to extreme weather.

3, simple construction, requiring no special technique.

4, the silt between the wire mesh and stone contributes to plant growth. this makes the gabion wire mesh harmonious

with the surrounding natural environment .

5, good permeability of the mesh prevents damage caused by hydrostatic force, thus helping

ensure the stability of hillside and beach.

6, the gabion wire mesh is folding and can be assembled site, which saves on transport cost.

Application of the gabion wire mesh

Gabion wire mesh is used for slope and foundation pit support , prevention or rock breaking , slope planting , water and soil protection.

high mesh fence, protection of dam and seawall against erosion , etc.

Specification of gabion wire mesh

Mesh Size;: 60x8080x100100x120120x150

Diameter: 2.0mm-4.5mm

Length x width x height : 2mx1mx1m, 3mx1mx1m, 6mx1mx1m. , 6mx1mx0.3m

Materials of gabion wire mesh

1, galvanized steel wire : low carbon steel wire with diameter ranging from. 2.0mm-4.0mm, tensile strength) 380Mpa, the wire surface is galvanized , the thickness of zinc layer is customizable , the max zinc is 300g/ mm2.

2, Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed mischmetal alloy steel wire , a new-type material with diameter ranging from 2.0mm-4.0mm, tensile strength) 380Mpa, it offers as more than threes times the corrosion resistance of pure zinc .

3, galvanized steel wire , PVC or PE coating will provide great protection to the gabion wire mesh , especially in a high -pollution environment 4, zinc-5% alumiummixed mischmetal alloy steel wire , PVC coated or PE coated :

the steel wire is coated with a PVC or PE protective layer .

Packing of gabion wire mesh

50-100 gabion wire mesh/ per bundle , wrapped with 2 to steel strips .







Weave Wire Mesh

Weave Style


mesh opening size:


mesh wire dia:


selvedge wire diameter:


lacing / tie wire dia:



galvanized/ coated

Gabion size

2 x 1 x 1 m, 3x1x0.5m 4x2x0.5m, 6x3x0.3m etc.

Place of Origin

Hebei, China (Mainland)


ISO 9001

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the specifications of commodities, trade and other factors.

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