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Dolphin massager | Neck back waist | multifunction massager | Hammer leg massage

Dolphin massager | Neck back waist | multifunction massager | Hammer leg massage
  • Dolphin massager | Neck back waist | multifunction massager | Hammer leg massage
Product code: 19133300001
Unit price: 98 CNY  (14.25 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 102KG
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Full Body Close Infrared Massager Dolphin Shape Health

* The simple shape design makes the use smarter. The curve handle can prevent slide, easy to hold and comfortable to operate
* You can enjoy the vibrate massage, far infrared and magnetic therapy synchronously.
* There are three massage models, two speed settings can be chosen at will
* Three changeable massage heads can be chosen to make the massage more useful and comfortable.

Slack the tight skin
Massage the acupuncture point of feet promote the blood circle
Release tiredness of the body
Leisure the tight skin
Automatic toughing switch
It has the best effect for house and office use

Weight: 1.7kg
Size: 40cm x 10cm x 11cm (L x W x T)
Voltage: AC220V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Vibration frequency: high3200 r / min low 2600 r / min
Rated Power: 28W
Working time: 15 minute
net weight: 815g
Color: Random color (red, blue)
Package size: 38x 11 x 8cm (L x W x H)
Package Contents
1 x BIG Dolphin Infrared Hand Use Massager
2 x Extra massage head

Note: because the factory each batch of products will be slightly different, so the arrival of the product will be different in the details, specifically the product key will be different, please pay attention at the time of sale.

Product Features :

Relieve fatigue caused by fierce sports and relax the muscles

Ease due to permanent pain caused by poor blood circulation

Ease due to the shoulder caused by stiff neck spasms sleep

Every time due to fatigue or relieve pain caused

Spherical massage head massage various parts of the body to facilitate

Let your muscles fast-paced sport

Features :

Original massage heads unite the latest features infrared touch vibrating massage; the strength of the strength of freedom to change gear; autopilot professional massage automatic control

Direct infrared surface, with heating massage effect is more pronounced

Suitable magnetic field; can clear the blood vessels; promoting metabolism

Massage head using a special plastic, beating more comfortable and powerful. (Comes with two massage head, can be based on their physical condition to choose)

A person operate independently; easy and convenient; massage comfortable; for most people to use; especially the elderly

Product Specifications :

Weight: 1.7kg

Size: 40cm x 10 厘米 x 11 cm (length x width x thickness)

Voltage: AC220V

Frequency: 50-60HZ

Vibration frequency: High 3200 rev / min, low 2600 rev / min

Rated power: 28W

Working time: 15 minutes

Net weight: 815 g

Color: random color (red, blue)

Package Size: 38X11 x 8 cm (length x width x height)

Package Contents

A large dolphin infrared hand massage

2 additional massage head