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Held portable electronic scales | Hanging scales handle wide | portable scales | Express Scales | package called 50KG

Held portable electronic scales | Hanging scales handle wide | portable scales | Express Scales | package called 50KG
  • Held portable electronic scales | Hanging scales handle wide | portable scales | Express Scales | package called 50KG
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Other info: 18KG
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Portable Multi Electronic Digital Hand Hook Scale Max 40KG


Portable scale is suitable for family kitchen; shop; outdoors etc multi-purpose to use; LCD

display with 40KG capacity. Portable size, with high accuracy, high performance / price

ratio; High quality for durable to use.


* A brand new Portable Digital Scale - portable size with a metal hand strap, with high

accuracy, high performance / price ratio;

* Electronic Scale is easy to use.

* Stainless steel hook for durable to use

* Automatic calculation with digital readout when weight.

* Memory of heavies weight, maximum with of 50kg, + / - 10g.

* Hang Hook Scale with tare function.

* Kg / Lb / oz switch option.

* Powered by 2 AAA battery (included)

* Size: ~ 58 * 102.8 * 22.8mm

* Weight: 154g

* Multi-purpose Scale suitable for family kitchen; shop; outdoors use or as gifts;

Package Included:

1 pcs Portable Digital Hand Hook Scale + manul

SKU: 901951-MH-0015

(Material) ABS plastic shell + stainless steel hook + stainless steel handle
(Maximum load) 50 kg; 10 g scale value; for example: 20.11kg, 20.12kg, 20.13kg, etc.
(Weighing units) kg (kilograms), lb (pound), Jin (JIN), oz (ounces) of four units
(Error range) ± 10 克
(Size): total length of the handle to pull 20CM, scales body 10.28 * 5.8 * 2.28CM, screen 3.28 * 1.98CM, handle wide 5.0CM

1, wide handle, the handle width 5.0CM, said weight is more comfortable;
2, large luminous blue LCD screen (3.28x1.98 cm), digital display more clear and intuitive, to better protect your eyes; a more suitable place at night or low light use.
3; in accordance with Chinese people use habits ad hoc 'Jin' This weighing unit; simple and convenient;
4; this product unique design can save energy effectively reduce power consumption; no operation for 5 seconds; the backlight automatically turns off; and only two AAA batteries can achieve similar products 3 battery effect;
5; This product uses the stainless steel wide handle + stainless steel hooks; durable; high value design; the largest weighing 50 kg;
6, the sleek, stylish, cell phone-sized, easy to carry, travel, fishing, shopping, shopping and other essential products.

(Instruction manual)
1, Power: Lift product, press ON / OFF key to turn the zero weight after the show, the items hang hook, the display shows the weight of the item if press the ON / OFF button to shut down the absence of any operation is 120 seconds... the product will automatically shut down;

2 peeled: hanging over the bag or basket; after numerical display; press the TARE key; the display shows zero weight and tare symbol 'TARE'; plus the weight of the newly added items are displayed goods;

3; the items hanging on hooks above; with the hand and the handle (Note: Do not Hold body weighing scales, that would increase the error), to maintain portable says vertical; smooth; when the red light to be; say amount is finished; display value is the weight of the items;

4. Select the lock function: Hold down the TARE key 2 seconds, the display 'L_ON' or 'L_OF' where 'L_ON' expressed locking function will lock the stable display value and display the lock symbol 'LOCK' locked, click ON / OFF button, you can continue weighing. L_OF 'it means no lock function does not lock the display.

(Button below)
1, UNIT: key conversion unit; cycle conversion unit; kg → lb → jin (jin) → oz → kg.
1kg = 2.2Lb = 2 kg = 35oz;
2, ON / OFF: Power button; the boot; shutdown and unlock other functions;
3, TARE: peeled key, there are peeled and select Lock function, press this key allows the reading of zero.

1, each POST, electronic scales in a vertical direction.
2, please hand the rings or additional aids weighing on the rings, do not hand shell weighing, otherwise it will lead to the weighing display error exceeded.
3, please gently the product during use should be avoided Meng strong collision and impact.
4, electronic crane shell is made of ABS plastic, use a soft cloth to wipe clean the water or detergent, prohibited the use of benzene, nitro solvent, liquid caustic soda and other corrosive substances for cleaning.
5, if the low battery symbol is displayed (LO), please replace the battery, remove the battery if you are not using the product for a long time to avoid battery leakage damage the product.
6, weighing not shaking, holding scales in perpendicular to the ground, so that the load is more accurate.

SKU: 901951-MH-0015