Blue | Triangle | Rabbit pattern | Password | Padlock

Blue | Triangle | Rabbit pattern | Password | Padlock

Product description:

New 3 Digit Metal Combination Lock Password Padlock


Cute Combination Padlock

3-digit resettable dial, easy to operate and allows personalized combination

Portable and simply to use

Perfect handy tool to provide peace of mind

Suits for needs - luggage; backpack; jewelry boxes; hall locker; tool chests; gym locker; and extracurricular locker; home etc


• The lock is preset at factory to open at 0-0-0; to set personal combination; please obey the following steps:

• Check the 0-0-0 aim at the indication line; press down the snap; now the lock is ready to open

• Press down the button with sharp tool, hold the position until next step 3 is finished

• Turn the character wheels to set your personal combination

• Release the button, now your private combination is set

• Remember well your new combination; if you want to change it again; please repeat

Lock Body Material: Metal

Color: As pictures show

Sales package: 69mm x 140mm (Approx.)

Package Included:

1 x Padlock