6 -inch diagonal pliers

6 -inch diagonal pliers

Product description:

Product Features:

  • This ingenious pliers pliers head strong durable; high quality alloy; surface treatment with a special
  • Ingenious pliers is a kind of cool and fashionable Practical Pliers
  • Ingenious pliers has strong metallic texture and premium quality. Definitely a great accessory to add to your jewelry making tool kit. Its size and shape are optimized for work in high density areas
  • The Ingenious Pliers Tool is a tough; precise; durable flush cutter capable of reliably and economically cutting


Condition: Brand New

Material: carbon steel

Product Size (cm) : 16.5*5*2

Weight (kg) : 0.2

Color: green

SKU: LC017

Package Included:

1 x Pliers