Pencil | Non-contact electric pen | induction electric pen

Pencil | Non-contact electric pen | induction electric pen

Product description:

Product Features:
Detects voltage without metallic contact
This Voltage Tester Pen is only used to judge whether the conductor is live or not
Entire outer surfaces are non-conductive for safety, helps avoid high voltage shock
Quickly locates the hot, neutral and ground terminals in any receptacle
LED voltage indicator, convenient for operating in darkness
Pen Style Voltage Detector with clip is convenient to fit in a shirt pocket
Pocket-size for handy use anywhere
Powered by 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Operating Voltage: AC 90V ~ AC 1000V
Working Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Storage Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Humidity: 80% (0 to 30 ° C)
Altitude: 3000m
Color: Black with white.
Size: 140 x 20 x 20 mm
Product Specifications:

Package Contents:
1 x Voltage Detector

Non-contact electric pen test pencil induction electric pen