BEST | bosses batch Packages | computer hard mobile phone repair tools portfolio | durable BEST-668S

BEST | bosses batch Packages | computer hard mobile phone repair tools portfolio | durable BEST-668S

Product description:

Best Screwdriver Precision Tool for Apple iPhone 2G 3G 4G New

Brand new and high quality
5 in 1 pocket screwdriver set is easy to use and carry
Novel precision screwdriver for Apple iPhone 2G 3G 4G
Used to safely open and assemble your device
A versatile tool set for driving and retrieving small screws
Great for accessing fasteners in tight areas
Open the telecom device faceplate without scratching
Features with magnetic tip and rotary finger grip
Anti-skid handle for comfortable feel
Color: As pictures
Size (L x D): 117 x 15mm (each)
Accessory only, iPhone not included

Package Included:
5 x Precision Screwdriver

Little Pentagon '• type (flat) 1: • (iphine 4G disassemble special screwdriver)

The Screwdriver Set fine workmanship, good quality, sufficient hardness heads, knife type high precision, use of the process is not easily deformed and broken, high-quality anti-static handle design science, and operable for locking the handle head port with the internal hexagonal design, effective tool to prevent tooth and slide off during use, and all have magnetic heads, except to suck the handle firmly, but also effective traction screws.

High-quality anti-static handle advantages:
1. Batch handles with anti-static material, non-slip handle to maximize torque can.
The ergonomically designed plastic handle constituted by two materials, easy to master and provide greater torque. Comfort particularly environmentally friendly plastic operation effort.
3. Screwdriver chrome vanadium steel bar made by a senior, and after hardening and black handle.
5. Chrome vanadium screwdriver head size to ensure the highest accuracy. Quality and durability are the best.

Color: As shown
Dimensions (L x W): 135 * 12 mm
Accessories, iPhone not included

Package Includes:
1 iphine 4G disassemble special screwdriver