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Portable scanners | handheld scanner pen scanner

Portable scanners | handheld scanner pen scanner
  • Portable scanners | handheld scanner pen scanner
Product code: 19086800001
Unit price: 410 CNY  (59.62 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 30KG
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Handyscan A4 Portable Handheld Document Photo Scanner
Detailed features:
1. Image sensor: A4 Color photoelectric sensor
2. .White balance: Auto
3. Scan resolution: 300x300 dpi (default); High resolution: 600x600 dpi;
4. Storage format: JPEG
5. Scanning range: A4 (216mm)
Maximum Scanning speed
Color High resolution
Color Low resolution
Monochrome High resolution
Monochrome Low resolution
13 Seconds
3.0 Seconds
6.0 Seconds
2.0 Seconds
Scanning width and length
Scanning width
Scanning Length
300DPI: 50 (Max)
600DPI: 25 (Max)
Capacity (Based on 1GB Micro SD; Scan A4 size file; the quantity of picture is various and depend on the content complexity)
Color High resolution
Color Low resolution
Mono High resolution
Mono Low resolution
323 Photos (Min.)
1190 Photos (Min.)
372 Photos (Min.)
1320 Photos (Min.)
Battery life (Test method: Scan one photo → wait for 5 seconds → Scan next photo → wait for 5 seconds, so repeatedly)
2 x AA Energizer Alkaline batteries
2 x AA Energizer Alkaline batteries
2000mAH AA Rechargeable batteries
Scan Color
180 Photos (Min.)
250 Photos (Min.)
Scan Mono
200 Photos (Min.)
300 Photos (Min.)
8. Stored: Micro SD / TF (1GB-32GB) - (not included)
9. Transmission mode: USB 2.0
10. Power supply: Alkaline battery (AA * 2, not included when shipping)
11. Auto power off: 3minutes without operation automatically
12. Scanning software: support windows imaging, Photo shop and other similar image processing OCR software.
13. System environment: Windows 2000 / ME / XP, MAC, 128 MB RAM, 1000MB HDD.
14. Fearures: Two-wheel stability control system scans the entire page
15. Image sensor: A4 color contact image sensor
16. Sensor number: 5136 points (1- 5104 points available)
21. File format: jpg
22. Dimension: 256 x 30 x 31mm
1 x driving disk
1 x USB Cable (link to the computer)
1 x User manual
1 x Pouch
1 x Packing box

Scanner use

4.1 Battery Installation
1. Open the battery port
2. Insert the two AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment
3. Press the power button for two seconds to turn the scanner

4.2 Inserting an SD card (SD card not included)
You must insert an SD card (not supplied) to record and save your scanned image
1. Turn off the scanner
2. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot, gently press into the slot to SD
Note 1. Do not force the SD card into the slot, this will damage the scanner and SD card, SD card alignment position (with the dimension line) to try again
2. SD card must be formatted before the scan, see the following operation

4.3 Format SD card
1. Insert a new SD card into the scanner, open the Scanner
2. Press the Format button to format mode, it will display 'F' icon on the screen
3. Press the power / scan button to start formatting
4. When formatting is complete, an icon on the screen will flash SD card

4.4 Setting Resolution
Press the DPI button to select the high / low resolution, high / low resolution icon will be displayed on the screen

4.5 Setting the scan mode
Press C / BW button to select color / monochrome scanning mode, color / monochrome scan icon will appear on the screen

4.6 scanning steps
A hand fixed to scan documents; place the scanner will start scanning position; clasped Scanner
Press the Scan button once; smooth and slow sliding the scanner to ensure high-quality scanned images; press again to stop scanning a scanned copy

5. LED lights
1. The green LED lights up: Scanning in progress
2. The green LED lights off: the scan is complete
3 red lights error: Scanning too fast; cause scanning errors; shall resume scanning
The red error LED is off: moderate speed, you can continue to scan

6. Connecting computer
You can put your scanner and computer to link up with the computer monitor to view your scanned image

7. Specifications

Image Sensor

A4 color photoelectric sensor

Number of sensors

5136 points (Section 1-5104 points available)


Resolution 300 * 300dpi (default)
High-resolution 600 * 600dpi

Scan speed

Color high-resolution 13 seconds / page black and white high-resolution 6 seconds / page
Color low resolution 3 seconds / page black and white low-resolution 2 seconds / page (A4 paper scanner)

Storage quantity (based on 1GB of memory card, A4 paper
Pieces, depending on the scan quality memory complexity)

600dpi color: 220 Photos (minimum), 600dpi black and white: 290 pictures (minimum);
300dpi color: 780 Photos (minimum), 300dpi black and white: 1280 pictures (minimum)

Scanning Width


Scan length

300DPI: 50 (maximum); 600DPI: 25 (maximum)

Storage format



Scanning status display

Automatic shut-down

3 minutes


USB 2.0 High Speed


Micro SD Card

power supply

Batteries (5 batteries X2