Quality compressed towel compressed towel travel essential | a pack of 10 | color random

Quality compressed towel compressed towel travel essential | a pack of 10 | color random

Product description:

10PCS Outdoor Essential Travel Convenient Clean One-time Compressed Towel


Brand New & High quality

Compressed towels, clean, easy to carry, skin beauty and reusable.

3 seconds into the water, immediately turn into a small 25 x 40 CM towels.

Made of good quality spunlace non-woven and is unbleached and environmental friendly to product.

With mini size, convenient to carry and you can put them in jacket pocket, purse or cosmetic bag.

Great for your travel or outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping.

Each size (when compressed): 4.5cm x 0.8cm.

Size: 25cm x 40cm (After Marinate in Water).

Material: non-woven fabric.

Weight: 006 Kg

Material: Cloth

Colour: as picture, Random color

SKU: 901959-A15-29-03

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10 x Compressed Travel Towels

Very practical compression small towel ~ ~ regardless of the season ready cotton compressed towel; clean; easy to carry; soothing beauty; reused!
Into the water three seconds, immediately becomes a 30 * 40CM the small square. Very practical Oh, home to the guests, did not bring a towel ruffle do? Take one out, convenient and practical, can be used repeatedly. Go there to play and friends inconvenient to bring a towel ruffle do? with a small compressed towel, ready to be out with, after use can also do rag.

The 10's marked a price, not the kind of single-use Oh!

Condition: New

Size: 5 cm X 5 X 30 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.06 kg

Material: Cloth

Color: such as pictures, color random

SKU: 901959-A15-29-03

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