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Smile cat | Toothbrush holder

Smile cat | Toothbrush holder
  • Smile cat | Toothbrush holder
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Cartoon Family Cat Tooth brush Holder Suction Cup Smiley cat

'Cartoon Family Tooth brush Holder
Tedious brushing? Small animals modeling make your brushing more fun, bring you good morning mood!
-Material: ABS
-Suction Cup material: PVC
-Comes With two suction cups; can be stick to mirror; ceramic tiles; transparent glass; etc
-About 5cm high and 6cm wide
-Cartoon Smiley cat
SKU: 901951-MH-0014

Product Name: Cartoon head toothbrush holder

Size: about 5cm in diameter
Material: ABS

Please install the toothbrush has a smooth surface tile, glass and other on, do not install on walls, frosted glass and other rough surface, Do not install near the fire or high temperature object, if the sucker distortion or harden, please at about 60 degree water soak for 10 minutes, it can be reused after drying.

1, the suction cup directly pressed into the base of the notch
2, one-handed installation, take toothbrush. Please put in toothbrush toothbrush gently depressed, toothbrush holder automatically close on both sides. When using the toothbrush only need to gently pull forward, toothbrush holder will automatically open on both sides.

Installation place: the mirror; ceramic tiles; metal paint and other surfaces; stainless steel; transparent glass

Use NOTE: Do not install on wood wall, plaster, mortar, ground glass and other surfaces, because the installation surface and the suction between the company will be sucked into the air but can not maintain focus Do not install near the fire or high temperature place if found. sucker deformation or become difficult to adsorption, please in about 60 ° C hot water immersed for about 10 minutes after the dry, you can re-use.

Installation instructions: snapped 'slamming open; popping' sound if you want to have closed such a personality toothbrush holder voila; super cute?!

SKU: 901951-MH-0014