Wash electric shaver

Wash electric shaver

Product description:

• body wash design: the razor with a new closed design, convenient easy water inside the wash heads, makes shaving a clean, comfortable.

• new full-floating design:

A: The 360 ​​° veneer shaving, any direction of motion, can be close to the facial contours, effectively shave off the beard of any length and growth direction.

B: facial contour following system: suspended shaving heads make razor automatically fit the contours of your face, so that you easily enjoy the high performance shaving experience.

C: conform to different contours curve, close to the face.

•: Alloy independent floating heads: with three alloy grinding independent speed double-circle arc heads, novelty buttons heads automatically open, clean and convenient, the latter introduced a trimmer, push the power switch.

•: with a special charger, travel software Toi.

•: 8 hours charging voltage 220V 50HZ (110 voltage contact), sufficient electricity a day, three minutes, about seven days or so (Personal experience, when charging to charge 2-3 hours so as to ensure each sufficient battery)..

Accessories: charger; bag; cleaning brush; manual; certificate

Washed clean to use: add a little liquid soap in the heads, starting razor idle for a few to see the heads bubble up, and then get to rinse under the tap can use the drive heads dry.

Condition: Brand new

Size: 5.5cm X 5.5cm X 13cm

Weight: 0.39 Kg

Material: Plastic + electronic components

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A25-30-03

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• body wash design: razor with a new closure design, easy and convenient rinse head inside to make shaving clean, comfortable.

• The new full-floating design:

A: 360-degree veneer shaving, any direction, can be close to the facial contours, effectively shave any length and direction of beard growth.

B: facial contour following system: make razor shaving head suspended automatically fit your facial contours, so you enjoy efficient shaving experience.

C: comply with different profile curve, close to the face.

•: Alloy independent floating head: with three alloy from the grinding speed double-circle arc heads an independent, innovative touch-heads automatically open, clean and convenient, behind the push-trimmer, push the power switch.

•: with special charger, travel software bag.

•:. 8 hour charge, voltage 220V 50HZ (110 voltage please contact), adequate time electricity, using three minutes a day, you can use about seven days or so (personal use of experience, more than 2-3 hours charge Charging adequate way to ensure that each battery) .

•: patent products: patent number: 200620043762.0

Accessories: Chargers; bag; cleaning brush; Manual; certification

Clean water use: the tip with a little hand sanitizer, starting a few razor idling saw blade bubble up, then rinse under the tap to get, driving a bit dry you can use.

Condition: New

Size: 5.5 cm X 5.5 X 13 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.39 kg

Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A25-30-03

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