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BUGSLOCK hand ring all-natural mosquito / mosquito repellent bracelet

BUGSLOCK hand ring all-natural mosquito / mosquito repellent bracelet
  • BUGSLOCK hand ring all-natural mosquito / mosquito repellent bracelet
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Brand new mosquito repellent bracelet

Best for any outdoor or indoor activities

With button to adjust the size

Effective for up to 72 hours when keep good in sealable pouch

Ingredients: 100% natural citronella essential oil


Please put it in a place where children can not access to.

Do not place near any fire hazards or electrical sources.

Prevent to put the product under the sunshine directly.

Please stop to use it if you have any skin irritation or itchiness.

If you have stinging sensation for accidental eye contact, please flush it with enough water. Do not rub the area.

Condition: Brand new

Size: 25cm X 1.8cm X 0.1cm

Weight: 0.01 Kg

Colour: as pictures

SKU: 901959-A21-07-09

Notice: Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting All.

Pictures are real stock photos.

Package Included:

1 x Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Summer mosquito annoyance; endless; with it; you worry package

Simply use the package tearing; to the wrist or ankle of a button you can; strap overall length 25CM; size can be adjusted at the wrist or ankle

• * (mosquito nemesis) Korean Echain tech * • all-natural mosquito bracelet

Korean pop mosquito famous clergyman

Major newspapers and magazines highly recommended!

• ╮ Mining hundred percent natural vegetable oil effective mosquito control, to ensure the health • ╮

Whenever summer ㄧ to; always began annoying mosquitoes; often bite his head package; if not handled properly; sometimes inflammation or even scarring
Common anti-mosquito products currently on the market; aging is not limited mosquito unpleasant taste; some even cause skin irritation or residual harmful ingredients

Registered in the US Environmental Protection Agency (Echain tech), mining hundred percent natural vegetable oil, with a strong repellent effect, effect for up to 72 hours, absolutely no side effects on the human body, effective mosquito control.

E mosquito bracelet will automatically emit a light lemon flavor, with a strong repellent effect!
Even for the most demanding commercial quality appraisals Apple Daily and Mook travel magazines, all of the "Echain tech" strongly recommended!
To protect the body from head to toe, allowing you to stay away from mosquito bites

Because it is adopted collar style; not only can be equipped with the wrist; ankles; also be hung on a belt attached; stroller or placed in the pot around; and to follow the size of the buckle suitable length; very easy to wear

(place of use)
1. Any place where mosquitoes exist
2. It can be widely used in home, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, fishing, playing ball, walking and other outdoor activities when
3. If the mosquitoes more places, it is recommended to wear a few more, the better

Product specifications

Ingredients: 100% natural vegetable oil

Weight: 3 grams / into
Color: Rose red; pink; orange; beige; dark blue; reddish brown; light brown; light green color random shipments ﹝ 8 ﹞
Length: 25cm / width: 1.8cm
Lifespan: unopened can be maintained for two years, the effectiveness of sustainable 72 hours after opening

SKU: 901959-A21-07-09