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Natural red camphor wood block

Natural red camphor wood block
  • Natural red camphor wood block
Product code: 19031600001
Unit price: 10 CNY  (1.46 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 14KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 5cm X 5cm X 2cm

Weight: 0.14 Kg

Material: Camphor wood

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A20-22-06

Notice:. Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Product material: high-quality old camphor wood sawn directly cut from 100% natural; smell fragrant!

Scope: Paving wardrobe drawer wooden floor dedicated - and other more closed environment (Note: Due to the volatile odor out in a relatively confined space require cumulative, so as to play a pest moth effect so is not suitable for open-air environment. .)

Benefits: The use of insecticide Xiang Zhangmu of natural pest moth reached, moisture mold, the purpose of purifying the air instead of the traditional Zhangmu Xiang of pest moth function, no longer have to put mothballs toxic chemical synthesis, and permanent. anti-moth.

Usage: direct scattered on the wardrobe drawer, wooden floor on the pavement next to the like dragon skeleton can;

Product usage: 1000 g pavement flooring can about 5 square meters, in principle, put more points the better!

Care: In order to facilitate the volatile Xiang Zhangmu blocks odor inside every 1--2 years to buy a block of wood sandpaper surface polished look.

Camphor is a precious species, because of its special aroma, the majority of people love since ancient times. Excellent Zhangmu material, wood color texture and beautiful, easily processed, planing surface smooth and aromatic, decay, pest control, etc. features, high-end furniture, wooden, sculpture, architecture and decorations of the finest materials. to be placed indoors, it can not only insecticide, termite, moth, cockroach, eliminate formaldehyde and other harmful substances, moisture, eliminate odors, clean indoor air, wood products for the most serious harm silverfish repellent effect significant. At the same time, it Qufengchushi, prevent arthritis, neuralgia, muscle pain and other diseases have a special effect (medicine ceremony to be investigated ). camphor for clothing and the environment pollution-free, harmless to health benefits, it is to create a healthy home environment a good partner.

Condition: New

Size: 5 cm X 5 X 2 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.14 kg

Material: camphor wood

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A20-22-06

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.