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Fly trap / catch mosquito control / fishing flies / flies away

Fly trap / catch mosquito control / fishing flies / flies away
  • Fly trap / catch mosquito control / fishing flies / flies away
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Other info: 250KG
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Flies Away Features:

  • Safe, Non-toxic & effective
  • Traps & Kills up to 20000 flies
  • Flies Away makes your home a No-Fly Zone
  • Just add water plus the bait & hang outside. That's it
  • Currently used by farmers, equestrians to get rid of flies
  • Patented, bio-degradable and non-toxic bait, used by the U.S. Military
  • Protect your farm; your home; your property; & your barbecues from fly invasion

Stop swatting, stop shoo-ing, and never touch a dead fly again.....

You swat, you shoo, you spray but those flies still don't go away. Flies Away is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to make flies go away for good. It goes to work in minutes, inviting thousands of flies in but they can't get out. The secret is the lobster trap design and the non-toxic, bio-degradable bait that the flies can't resist. Just add the bait, pour in water and hang it. that's it! Within minutes Flies Away starts to put out a scent that drives flies crazy and can catch and eliminate over 20000 flies. Use it outside to keep pesky flies from coming inside, hang by the garbage and your family gatherings will be fly free. Simply Dispose after 30 days. EPA approved.

  • Easy, safe
  • Disposable
  • Proven design
  • EPA approved
  • U.S. Government tested

You have seen Flies Away across several national TV networks presented by Billy May's as the fastest, safest, and most effective way to rid your property, home and family functions of the flies for good'. Flies are a constant nuisance during the summer season and are quite a dirty insect. Flies Away is the perfect GREEN SOLUTION to your fly pollution states nationally renown and trusted product pitchman Billy Mays. Why? Because the product truly works and eliminates the need for toxic sprays and chemicals.

Flies Away utilizes one of the worlds most trusted attractants combined with a proven disposable trap design that professional tradesman have known about for years. Even the U. S. military purchases the patented attractant bait included in this Flies Away product to eliminate their fly problems. Once Flies Away with pitchman Billy Mays will protect large area of your property and ultimately the inside of your home by drawing thousands of flies away from your gathering areas to one that is more remote.

Simply fill with approximately one quart of water, pour in the attractant bait and hang preferably in a sunny area within 40-45 feet away from the area you would like to protect. Within 2-4 days Flies Away goes to work trapping and eliminating the flies that may find your family, your food, and your living space. Each Flies Away will last for 30 days and can hold up to 20000 flies. After 30 days, simply dispose the full trap in secure plastic bag to avoid leakage. For larger properties it is suggested to utilize more then 1 Flies Away in order to ensure ultimate fly elimination on your property. Results may vary depending on weather patterns and regions.

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