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Fashion magnetic anti-mosquito soft screen door

Fashion magnetic anti-mosquito soft screen door
  • Fashion magnetic anti-mosquito soft screen door
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Other info: 45KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 210cm X 90cm X 0.4cm

Weight: 0.45 Kg

Material: soft yarns

Colour: as pictures

SKU: 901959-B08-19-03

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Summer, many people like to point mosquito repellent, but I wonder if this will harm the human body. In fact, most of the active ingredient is pyrethroid insecticide mosquito coils, and organic fillers, adhesives, dyes and other additives, etc. Therefore, mosquito coils burning the smoke contains many harmful substances, may trigger asthma and other diseases.

According to estimates, the point roll mosquito coils emit particles and burn about 100 approximately the same amount of smoke, the release of ultrafine particles, can enter into and retained in the lungs, may trigger asthma in the short term, the long-term it may cause cancer. Second Mosquito base material is produced carcinogen, as well as some compounds will stimulate Hu suction channel of incomplete combustion, these substances make the nervous system poisoning

Magnetic soft screen door curtain has good closure, after people go through automatic closed completely prevent mosquitoes invade ~ ~ With this no longer have to spray insecticide friends !! switch when there is no noise, easy access, suitable mounted on the regular opening and closing of doors, such as doors, balcony doors, etc. The screen door screens using high-quality, fine workmanship smooth, do not fade, will not wrinkle deformation

Description: The product has the appearance of new, noise-free, accessible, inexpensive, good blocking, mosquito effect of excellence, etc., can be widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and other places both ordinary screen door. updating, but also the modern home of choice to get rid of pesticides inside and outside door dual-channel installation, supported by good screens closed, completely without pesticides, so you have a peaceful summer refreshing health Magnetic soft screen door is by the invention man years of careful selection of high quality synthetic material as a raw material made with Notations, does not wrinkle, no deformation obvious advantages, colorful and strong, fine workmanship, reliable quality.

Washing instructions: Do not machine wash, medium temperature ironing, can not rub and stress.

Installation instructions: wooden frame: the direct use of nails gauze can be fixed on the door, the upper corner alignment fixed starting from the middle, followed by the two sides to hold the attention installation Euparagonimus iron, aluminum frame doors with wide. double-sided tape pasted directly

Condition: New

Size: 210 cm X 90 厘米 x0.4 cm

Weight: 0.45 kg

Material: soft screen

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-B08-19-03

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