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Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0201

Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0201
  • Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0201
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This painting depicts the Holy Family.

These figures are abstracted from an early background. The painting embodies a powerful symbolic concept that had to be formulated for the people of the New World-The Heavenly and Earthly Trinity.

Both the Mother on the left and Joseph on the right gesture toward the Child. The same radiant halo surrounds all three heads. Mary is clothed in the three mystic garments, and Joseph carries a spray of easter lilies, favorite for all religious festivities and the symbol of chastity.

In the sky above them, a benevolent, bearded God the Father bends down. His bouffant robe floating above the clouds, His hands raised in blessing. His halo is triangular-symbolic of the Trinity. In between, among radiating rays of light, the dove of the Holy Ghost completes the familiar heavenly Trinity and binds the two groups together.

Their regal, exquisite brocade gowns are embellished with bronze leaf.

This addition of stenciled or painted gold leaf onto oil paintings is called, as it was in early contracts, brocateado.
It is also sometimes termed sobredorado (overgilding) and has also been described as escarchado.

Look at the exquisite facial features and the color composition, it is just simply amazing.

The picture doesn't do justice to this outstanding painting, you have to personally see it to fully appreciate its uniqueness and beauty.

This is a truly one of a kind painting, so don't miss this chance to acquire a superb piece of colonial art and get it now !!

Painting arrives rolled in a tube.

SIZE IS: 36'H x 24'W

MEDIUM: Oil on stretched canvas

FRAMED: No (Frames are heavy and drive up the cost of shipping so you can go to local gallery to frame it and it is very easy and cheap.)

SKU: 901951-OIL0201

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