Genuine Kang Yi cash registers JBYD-HT-2600 + (B) Class B Detector bank dedicated several money machine intelligent

Genuine Kang Yi cash registers JBYD-HT-2600 + (B) Class B Detector bank dedicated several money machine intelligent

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Kang Yi JBYD-HT-2600 + (B ...
  • Rating: Class B
  • color: black
  • Brand: Kang Yi
  • Kang Yi Model: JBYD-HT-2600 + (B)

KANGYI brand HT-2600 intelligent cash registers RMB horizontal Guangzhou Kang Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a fully compatible with the new digital technology for Older Renminbi newly developed high-tech products. This machine is designed according to the latest concept banknote processing, easy to operate beautiful appearance, full-featured, high degree of automation is intelligent financial machinery.

First, the technical parameters
1. Counting Speed: The machine Counting Speed ​​900 / min.
2, the hopper system: Counting dimensions Length 110 ~ 180mm, width of 50 ~ 85mm, thickness 0.075 ~ 0.15mm, in the hopper capacity of 15mm, then notes station capacity 30mm.
3, the counting display window range: 1 to 999, the preset display window ranging from 1 to 999.
4. Noise: ≤53 dB
5, power supply: 220V ~ 50Hz Power: ≤80W
6, ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ ambient humidity 40 to 90%
7, Dimension: (L × W × H) 305 × 260 × 188mm; the whole weight of about 7.9kg
Second, the technical performance
1, a wide range of point of note and Discriminating Function: Adaptation of the fourth set and fifth set of RMB banknotes Counting 1-100 yuan coupons and Kam false.
2, clearing function: intelligent recognition denomination bills, can be mixed in the same point of the old and new denominations of banknotes, and a single point of sorting; and sorting functions of different denominations, such as 100 yuan clip 50, clip large denomination small denominations available sorting.
3, super Discriminating Function: all imported sensors, stable and very reliable high-fidelity signal acquisition and digital signal processing and high-speed parallel AD converter circuit main function: UV quantitative analysis, quantitative analysis of magnetic ink, read password security thread, infrared ink analysis point, the watermark feature scans and measurements.
4, high-capacity storage function: to establish a comprehensive database real money, high-speed scanning and capture full-page bill, putting data into memory for data analysis, in order to achieve the true purpose of the anti-fake; the same time, can you set the parameters and operating modes storage when the machine boot into the best condition.
5, Canbi test: a test half a sheet, split sheets, clip sheets, with sheets, heavy sheets and other functions, while state code hints appear accurately eliminate residual notes.
6, the entire intelligent function: automatic counting, automatic start and stop, automatically cleared, automatic alarm functions.
7, boot self-diagnosis: When turned on, the preset display window appears if the code accurately represents the sensor failure or have sticky ash and litter cover.
8, having accumulated, the preset number of sheets function, you can select a preset number in the range 1-999, press the number keys, make your operation more convenient.
9, the bill detecting width: the width of the smallest error can be recognized (recognition accuracy) of 3mm, and the transferred 8mm.
10, all imports of integrated circuits, to ensure stable, reliable work.
11, low noise: Low-noise motor, good transmission design, create a quiet working environment.
12, imported fully enclosed speed sensor, from your maintenance.
13, complete with reference design "GB16999-1997 identification of counterfeit RMB" and "JR / T0002-94 cash registers" the national standard.
Third, the design creative specifications
1, combines the series Kang Yi cash registers essence of the design, build ahead of the times, a new vision for the future products, cash registers dedicated to horizontal design aesthetic to new heights rich change, clever layout profile line in quality assurance Seiko mold, shape KANGYI product technology to scale new heights, leading the appearance of financial equipment fashion brand.
2, compact, appropriate side panel design, innovation in the full study, based on the behavior of the operator, so Counting process easier and more convenient. Banknote guide plate, retaining plate and cover the surface of the banknote thread arrangement, effective highlights the sophisticated products, high performance characteristics.