Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0252

Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0252

Product description:

This magnificent, one of a kind oil painting on canvas depicts the Archangel Gabriel.
The most familiar archangels are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
Gabriel is the second in rank, after Michael.
His name means in Jewish lore God is my strength'.
He is the angel of the Annunciation and the Resurrection, and the herald of the Last Judgement.

Look at the exquisite facial features and the color composition, it is just simply amazing.
This remarkable painting has some subtle high-relief details.
Bronze Leaf was used to accentuate finishing touches on this magnificent portrait.

SIZE IS: 36'H x 24'W

MEDIUM: Oil on stretched canvas

FRAMED: No (Frames are heavy and drive up the cost of shipping so you can go

to local gallery to frame it and it is very easy and cheap.)

SKU: 901951-OIL0252

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