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Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0204

Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0204
  • Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0204
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Other info: 45KG
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An incredible depiction of the Archangel Saint Raphael, this magnificent painting will definitely leave you in awe as soon as you lay eyes on it. The quality is outstanding and the huge size is something you must see in person to fully appreciate its dimension. Composition and rich colors are absolutely remarkable.
An exhibition of the utmost beauty and singularity.

This unique oil will make a valuable and rare asset to any art collection, so don't hesitate and get it now.

This huge oil painting on canvas depicts the Archangel St Raphael.
Raphael's Hebrew name means medicine of God or God has healed'. He is one of the three most important of the archangels, the benign friend of all humanity, protector especially of the young, the wayfarer and the pilgrim. The fish in one of his attributes. According to the legend, the young Tobias set forth on a journey for his father, who felt that death was near. Asking the way, he was joined by the Archangel Raphael who, unrecognized, rescued him from being devoured by a great fish. The gall of the creature which Raphael captured miraculously healed Tobias, father of blindness. Thus the Archangel became also the patron of doctors, healers and medicine men. If this was well understood in Alto Peru, the Indians could associate the Biblical figure with the practice of their own medicine men, who often used animal parts in their treatment.

The archangels are usually young and beautiful. They are the knights of Heaven and must be dressed in splendor. They have to evoke sympathy, as well as a sense of their power and also of their benevolence, as their function is the performance of good works.

His name (San Rafael in spanish) is written on the bottom of the painting.

An incredible depiction, this is a unique chance to own such a masterpiece.

Look at the exquisite facial features and the color composition, it is just simply amazing.

SIZE IS: 36'H x 24'W

MEDIUM: Oil on stretched canvas

FRAMED: No (Frames are heavy and drive up the cost of shipping so you can go to local gallery to frame it and it is very easy and cheap.)

SKU: 901951-OIL0204

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