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Magical removable | Wall stickers | Happy Hour

Magical removable | Wall stickers | Happy Hour
  • Magical removable | Wall stickers | Happy Hour
Product code: 19001300001
Unit price: 29 CNY  (4.21 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 11KG
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Item specifics

Model: WS-001
Brand: Xiang'lun
Material: Self Adhesive Removable Vinyl

Size: 19.7 * 27.6 '

Style: Kids room

Characters: A boy & a girl

Theme: Happy time

Wall Decor type: Stickers / Transfers


1. If you want to stick it on glass or tile with smooth surface, you'd better make sure the surface is dry and clean. So it will stick well with nice effect.

2. If there are some bubbles when you finish sticking, you may scratch it by a card or puncture it by needle, which will not affect overall aesthetic effect.

3. If the wall space where you want to stick the sticker is damp, ageing or brushed new, the sticker may drop off automatically. So before sticking, you'd better use a hairdryer to dry the wall space or wait for lacquer volatilize well . But if you wish to ornament the wall with perfect effect, we recommend you choose the appropriate wall space in advance.

4. Supposed you stick it on the wrong place, please do not worry, you can tear it off with knife carefully, then stick it again. Normally, the sticker could be reused without spoiling.

5. The typesetting of DIYsticker is very compact, you could display it randomly to show different styles. Firstly, cutting the patterns respectively, please be make sure the patterns flawless and perfect. Then you could transform your room in a unique personal area.

Name: The Magic Removable Wall Stickers

material: plastic

Size: 50 * 70CM

Topic: Happy Hour


1. If you are attached to the surface of the glass or tile; because its material is smooth; until paste is best to use a clean cloth to dry veneer; it is easier to paste; and formation is better;

2. Some larger pattern attached; flattening may be a little bubbles appear; then you can scratch the scratch card to remove bubbles or small bubbles with a needle puncture can be smooth; it does not affect the overall paste effect ;

3. If the paste wall damp; aging or just brush new paint; may cause wall stick off automatically after pasting; or can cause peeling walls; you can use a hair dryer or hot air to dry the wall paint to be volatile for some time then paste; but the effect may differ; so please our customers carefully choose affixed position;

4. If accidentally wall stickers affixed to the wrong place; you can stick with a small blade wall corner gently tear off; you can re-paste; under normal circumstances, this product can be reused; they do not torn;

5. DIY series product layout dimensions is close, you can play unlimited creativity, free combination arrangement modeling and position, can be cut with scissors pattern, respectively, when the shear careful not to cut into the pattern can be designed after approximately typesetting, and then built the unique creative space.