Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0245

Original hand-painted religious paintings OIL0245

Product description:

An incredible depicition, this magnificent painting will definitely leave you in awe as soon as you lay eyes on Composition and rich colors are absolutely remarkable. A wonderful addition to our team of great masters of the Cusco School of Painting, the author of this oil has accomplished a superb technique and incredible skills to be able to create such a masterpiece. An exhibition of the utmost beauty and singularity.

This unique oil will make a valuable and rare asset to any art collection, so don't hesitate and get it now, as we are offering this remarkable piece at a low introductory price.

This exquisite oil painting on canvas depicts the Archangel Saint Michael.

Solemn and powerful figure, it was painted with meticulous detail.

Look at the exquisite facial features and the color composition, it is just simply amazing .
Bronze Leaf was used to accentuate finishing touches on this magnificent portrait.

SIZE IS: 36'H x 24'W

MEDIUM: Oil on stretched canvas

FRAMED: No (Frames are heavy and drive up the cost of shipping so you can go to local gallery to frame it and it is very easy and cheap.)

SKU: 901951-OIL0245

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