3LED LED lamp | Portable | Touch Lamp | pat lights

3LED LED lamp | Portable | Touch Lamp | pat lights

Product description:

Mini Cordless 3 LED Powered Stick Tap Touch Lamp Light

3pcs Super-high brightness white LED, use up more health, environmental protection, energy saving and convenient.
Tourism, tents, cars, cabinets, wardrobes, bars, bicycle! Wherever the need to connect.
Product size: 67mm (Diameter) X 20 (Thickness) mm
Built Material: ABS
Use 3pcs AAA Battery
LED quantity: 3pcs LED
Color: Silver
Package Includes:
1 x 3 Lamp LED Touch Light Silver

Product Description :

Back with adhesive stickers that can stick in wood, plastic, metal, glass upper plane .

Bring you the ubiquity of convenience lighting; indoor and outdoor; can be used anywhere

Such as automotive interiors, boot, doors, roof, and add luster to the interior by posture, home cabinets, bars, children's backpacks, bicycles, etc.! Anytime, anywhere, without cable. Outing, picnic, tent lighting, picked easily .

Product Dimensions : Diameter 6.7 cm ,thickness 2 cm

Material : ABS

Use 3 AAA batteries

LED Number : 3

Color : Silver