LED lights | led light string | Decorative lights | Holiday Christmas lights | 100LED Lights | 10 米

LED lights | led light string | Decorative lights | Holiday Christmas lights | 100LED Lights | 10 米

Product description:


Length: 10 Meters

Powered by AC adapter

Plug: EU standard

Lamp bulb material: LED


1. Energy saving

2. Long operating life

3. High Brightness


Christmas tree ; Wedding celebration, hotel. Commercial Building , Home Furnishing; shop window; club; concert; singing hall; fashion show; ballroom; stage and more!

• Note: The light is non-waterproof, please do not use outdoor

product description)
LED lights color very flowery good-looking; with eight function flickering effect; eight feature automatically turns changing; very fashionable!
LED theoretical life of up to 60,000 hours or more, very low power consumption, is the latest city modern decorative lights.
Buy a bunch of lights hang in your own home, bar, shop door, opening ceremony, wedding wedding, etc., they are very practical.
Friends you also been touched it? City night Ambilight and romance it? Then buy a bunch of lights it, you can also take home these touched Oh!
(Voltage) 220V
(Power) 4.8W
(Wire gauge) wire seven wires
(Main function) True four with eight-function controller 2 1 Always wavy change flashing changes 3 4 5 changes continuously slow flash changes 6 7 dream winking change change change flash 8

(Main features) 1. Energy 2. Long life 3. high brightness light-emitting pure 4. 5. The move is not easily broken reusable 6. Cold light source
Our product is installed using a very simple and practical, just plug it in to pass to use. The lights around the place you want, put the shape you want to swing.
User-friendly design of products, allows you to save trouble of installation troubles.

Also worth mentioning is that this product comes with a good tail plug can be continuously connected to more than 10 strings of 10 meters long LED strings.

In parallel form processing; specialized add another two wires; a total of seven wires; so we avoided the voltage is too large to properly use a few strings behind the lights!


Celebration background layout; shops; hotel; bars; gathering; commercial; home; shop window; club; concert; Cabaret; fashion; Ballroom; stage and so on

Various places; as long as the place you want; will bring you a noble luxury; romantic touch!