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60CM 30 White Light 0603 | Waterproof | LED light bar | Flexible Strip

60CM 30 White Light 0603 | Waterproof | LED light bar | Flexible Strip
  • 60CM 30 White Light 0603 | Waterproof | LED light bar | Flexible Strip
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60cm 30-SMD 0603 LED Strip Rope White Light

►LED Type: Super bright 0603 SMD LED
►Light Color: white
►LED Quantity: 30 LEDs per 60m
►Strip Dimension: 60cm (L) x 0.4cm (W)
►Working Input Voltage: DC 12V
►FPC Color: white
►IP Rate: IP65 (Epoxy-plated waterproof)
►Drive Mode: Constant voltage

►Super brightness, high intensity and reliability.
►Low power consumption.
►Long life span over 50000 hours.
►Fast and simple installation with adhesive back tape
►Flexible ribbon for curving around bends.
►Water-resistant with transparent epoxy plated on the LEDs, back side of strip sticking with adhesive tape.

►Widely used for Exterior & Interior decorations such as home, hotel, clubs, shopping malls, bars etc ..
►Widely used for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting etc ...
►Popularly applied in backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting, advertisement sign lighting and emergency lighting etc.
►Decorative lights for party, event, shows, exhibitions etc ...

Package included:
1 x 60cm 30-SMD LED strip

Name: 12V 0603 LED SMD Flexible Epoxy waterproof soft strip mining lamp 30 lights

Specifications: 60CM length

color: white

Lights in the form of: power has been lit.

This LED light bar is blue, long 60CM, cars, motorcycles, electric cars, billboard, banquet decorate, family and other best decorative items. With low power consumption, high brightness, color beautiful, free design layout and other characteristics.

When in use, only with 12V DC or 12V battery connected by positive and negative can be lit without additionally drive power.

Lamp comes with adhesive on the back, but also their own use AB glue on the car or other decorations

Mainly used for: cars, motorcycles, electric cars and other decorative lights, ambient lighting, home decoration atmosphere, bright night light and so long aisle.