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Apple iPod nano6 accessories watch with NANO 6 metal strap aluminum alloy aviation | not a watch

Apple iPod nano6 accessories watch with NANO 6 metal strap aluminum alloy aviation | not a watch
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  • Brand: Agex
  • Model: LunaTik N6 strap
  • Red + Black Strap Black + Black Strap Silver + Black Strap

Note: This baby is a separate ipod nano6 strap, not a watch, not a watch MP3! Please see clearly buy Oh! If you buy the wrong, all losses are borne by the buyer.

Minimal LunaTik Aluminum Frame + TPU Strap for iPod nano 6
This product has three colors, Black, silver + black, red + black; (Please note when you purchase the color you want, thank you)

This product does not include iPod nano 6

Scott Wilson, the founder of Minimal by Scott Wilson, designed the iPod nano 6 form, the LunaTik multi-touch watchband, to turn the 6th generation iPod nano into a watch!
Designer Scott Wilson is a former Nike Global Creative Director and designer of the NIke Plus running sensor, selected by ID Magazine as one of 40 influential designers around the world and has won more than 40 international design awards. And leadership of the Minimal by Scott Wilson design company for major brands such as Nike, Dell, Apple and other design products, the world's attention XBOX360 Kinect is Minimal by Scott Wilson's design products.
LunaTik's creative idea is to create the world's cool multi-touch watch, especially the watch simply with iPod nano transformation Serve.LunaTik's workmanship impeccable texture, creative design is very different plant.
Unlike regular iPod nano watches made of plastic, the LunaTik multi-touch wristwatch is made of high-quality silicone material with genuine straps, soft texture, and with Nixon, Diesel, Vestal, Nike and a number of Swiss watch brands with the factory. Multi-touch watch frame with ELEMENTCASE Vapor 4 level of aviation-grade aluminum alloy (aircraft grade aluminum), more use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) computer numerical control technology manufacturing, technical standards with the manufacture of aviation equipment of the same. With the aircraft as strong and wear-resistant high rigidity, the iPod nano can be firmly fixed in the wristbands.Especially the use of both sides of the opening frame design, in addition to convenient home users to insert headphones, adjust the volume and charge, The LunaTik is available in three silver, black and red fashion options.
Silver + black
Red + black