Teng Wolf | radiation protection glasses | anti-fatigue | Computer goggles | Pink | glasses box

Teng Wolf | radiation protection glasses | anti-fatigue | Computer goggles | Pink | glasses box

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Condition: Brand new

Size: 13.7cm X 14cm X 3.5cm

Weight: 0.09 Kg

Material: Resin

Colour: Pink

SKU: 901959-B03-13-02

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The main hazards of radiation

Radiation on the eye are the two main hazards of radiation: electromagnetic radiation and ultraviolet radiation

The eyes are one of the organs of the body in comparison to electromagnetic radiation grateful, more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation damage.

No fat layer covering the eye, the lens contains more water vessels lack cooling, after being subjected to electromagnetic radiation in thermal effects, lens protein coagulation disease produce enzymes and metabolic disorders.

Strong electromagnetic radiation while the vital organs of the human eye would hurt the cornea, causing visual fatigue. Decrease or loss of vision.

Therefore, scientific and rational use of the lens has a radiation effect can effectively prevent the human eye by electromagnetic radiation.

UV on the eye injury is irreversible, that can not be repaired.

Such as: cataract surgery with IOL can replace the glasses for a long time by its invasion easily lead to damage and degeneration of the cornea and retina, lens opacity till cause cataracts, lead to permanent visual damage.

Products for the crowd:

1. The long face of the computer work the crowd

2. a long time watching TV, playing video games people

3. the driver

4. Make outdoor sports

5. Students

Condition: New

Dimensions: 13.7 cm X 14 X 3.5 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.09 kg

Material: Resin

Color: Pink

SKU: 901959-B03-13-02

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