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Lottery scratch off ticket

Lottery scratch off ticket
  • Lottery scratch off ticket
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Quick Details

  • Material: Paper
  • Usage: card
  • Type: card
  • Feature: Anti-Counterfeit
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: www.yt668. com.cn
  • Model Number: YT20150128CF00002
  • Color: optional

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Cardboard box or with requests
Delivery Detail: delivery is 7days after the payment

Detailed Product Description

Security scratch card:

Scratch card refers to a kind of coating that covers the codes of numbers and characters on the card. Therefore, scratch card also called coated password card, account card or bookkeeping password card. There are all kinds of scratch cards. The ones be widely used in the market are premium scratch card, peel off card, rechargeable card, password card, consumption coupon, integral card, etc.

Characteristic s:

1, Specification, input information are customized.

2, Environmentally friendly in material and printing ink.

3, Our products are high-tech products in superior quality.


1. Material: coated paper, PVE, PET, etc

2. Dimension: Up to clients

3. MOQ: 10000pcs

4.Delivery: We provide DHL, UPS, TNT,FedEx or Airmail, sea transportation for shipping.

5. Production Lead time: about 3-20 working days after receiving the payment.

6. Payment terms: T/ T. L/ C. Western Union,AliPay or according to the customer's specific request.

7. Port: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

8. Packaging details: Be packed in OPP bags. nylon bags in our company's dedicated cardboard boxes or packed according to client's requirements.

The advantages of barcode:

1, Anti-counterfeit: can effectively prevent anyone from mass counterfeiting at a specific period.

2, Sales promotion: the most widely used one at present is premium scratch card, it is a kind of sales promotion method that used by manufacturers and shops in order to promote consumption, feedback consumers. and the effect is evident.


Scratch card is widely used in telecommunications, IT, catering, supermarket and education industries, etc. Especially the phone card.Because of the particularity of the industry, scratch card becomes a kind of securities. And the ones widely used in the market are premium scratch card, peel off card, rechargeable card, password card, consumption coupon, integral card, etc.

We specialize in the production of digital validation security card: there is a code in every gift coupon. When receiving the awards. the consumer may input it into the special validation program to verify authenticity. This is a kind of very frequently-used anti-counterfeiting measures. The anti-counterfeiting effects are outstanding and very convenient as well. The theory of it is very similar to network anti-counterfeiting label. In order to verify the authenticity of the card, we can verify the codes through website or SMS or special query tools.

Peel off card is another kind of Instant Games.The machining technology is different from the scratch card. We need to peel off the label on the surface of the card, it is similar to the security peel off label or uncover type anti-counterfeiting label. The most popular one nowadays is zebra stripe label.