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6 LED infrared light

6 LED infrared light
  • 6 LED infrared light
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Other info: 10KG
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Bright 6 LED Night White Infrared Sensor Motion Detector Light

White 6 LED Bright Infrared Sensor Night Light is in a new condition. It is enough bright to use for a long lifespan. Very low heat generating, besides saving light power.

1. New and high quality
2. Low comsumption and energy-saving
3.6LED Infrared sensor Light provides bright light
4. It has a long lifespan, up to 50000 hours and is unaffected by cycling on and off
5. Easy to install
6. Super long standby time, super sensitivity within 5 meter distance
7. Suited for light fixtures where bulbs are often turned on and off, convenient and practical

1. Long Service Life: Up to 50000 hours
2. Sensitivity: 5m (distance); 90 ° (angle)
3. Standby Current: (0.090mA (operating voltage: 4.5V)
4. Operating Current: (95mA (operating voltage: 4.5V)
5. Delay Time: 20s, Adjustable
6. Power by: 3 x AA Batteries (not included)
7. Material: Plastic

6 white LED night light bright infrared sensor has a new state. It is life long and bright enough. Very low thermal power, effectively save power.
1. new and high quality
2. Low-power, save energy
3.6 LED infrared sensor light offers bright light
4. Long service life, up to 50,000 hours, the impact from fluctuations bike ride
5. Easy installation
6. Long standby time, within a distance of 5 meters have super sensitivity
7. convenient and practical, suitable for frequent opening and closing of the lamp fixtures
Product Specifications:
1. Life: up to 50,000 hours
2. Sensitivity: 5 meters (distance); 90 ° (angle)
3. Standby current: (0.090 mA (operating voltage: 4.5V)
4. Working current: (95 mA (operating voltage: 4.5V)
5. Delay Time: 20 seconds, adjustable
6. Power: 3 * AA batteries (not included)
7. Material: Plastic