Super Waterproof Solar Car LED Wheel Light

Super Waterproof Solar Car LED Wheel Light

Product description:

1. Product Name: Super Waterproof Solar Car LED Wheel Light

2. Model: AS-QMZ1

3. Size: 4.5CM (diameter) *2.4CM (height)

4. Material: high-performance silicone wrap

5. Control Mode: the latest magnetic induction switch

6. Charge Mode: Solar charge

7. There are 13 lighting modes with different colors blue/ green/ red/ white/ rgb.


1. Easy installation, simply tighten the the light to the tire valve.

it can be done within 15 seconds;

2. Solar charge with lithium battery, no wiring, no maintenance.

no replacement for the battery, high efficience and no any pollution.

3. This porduct uses high-performance silicone wrap, corrosion resistance.

aging resistance, passed high and low temperature test and super waterproof.

harmless to this light when washing your car.

4. Intelligent control system, this product is built in vibration sensor and photographic

devices. In dark conditions, the led light will turn on automatically when the speed reaches

more than 25km/ hour, otherwise the light will turn off automatically in 2 seconds.

5. This wheel light has the latest magnetic induction switch, without any physical contact with the product

surface without holes for switches, super waterproof design.


1. Please charge the lights at the outside on sunny day for 3+ hours for the first time.

2. Keep the light clean, to make sure it can work.

3. Follow the installation instructions, to make sure the product work.

4. The light will be on automatically, when it is dark (night, foggy/ cloudy/ rainy days or in the tunnel) .