Mini LED Bicycle Wheel String Lights with Rechargeable Option 2015 NEW Arrival

Mini LED Bicycle Wheel String Lights with Rechargeable Option 2015 NEW Arrival

Product description:

Material : ABS Size of battery box: 65.5*30*22.5mm

Light string: 2.2 meters 20pcs led , color of led include single or mix color optional

Installation: battery box is fixed on cycle spoke while light string is enlaced on spoke

Flash mode: turn on / off the or change light work modes (steady or flash) by pressing the button on battery box

Battery: 1*AAA battery adopting the boosted circuit to prolong the light flash time closed to 3*AAA battery working time also user can use rechargeable AAA battery .

Water proof design to ensure light work normal on the rainy day

Packing : One piece in one card , two pieces for one cycle

P.S: charger and regargeable battery is available, need to add $1.50 extra for each.


1 . Small size battery box is easy to install and remove

2. Can be fixed on any cycle with standard spoke with diameter no more than 2.3mm.

3. Change battery is more convenient.

4. Special circuit design make light flash time near to 3*AAA battery .

5 . High grad silver Surface spray painting is best match with spoke color .

6. Rubber ring on bottom of battery box ensure product waterproof

7. Compare to other model with battery box on cycle hub , this new one save material and power , more environmentally friendly, also better safer and easy for children to use


1. Put screw stem implant into cycle spoke

2. Screw cap tightly

3. Twine the think wire on latest spoke tightly first to fix battery box position.

4. Enlace the light string on spoke following

Packing: 100 cards in one carton , size of carton is 38*34*22CM, G.W./ N.W: 5/4KGS