1200 lumens | Combo bike lights headlights

1200 lumens | Combo bike lights headlights

Product description:

Light power bicycle lights, headlight

1. Life of led is 10000 hours!

2. Intelligent circuit control, third gear dimming memory circuit.

(1) Glare: current 2800mA, 1200LM

(2) Glimmer: current 1500mA, 300LM

(3) Explosive flash: current 2800mA, 1200LM

3. Vacuum plating cup orange surface; high temperature; anti fall off; concentrating the perfect effect;

4. Shell aviation aluminum alloy, CNC machining, anodizing surface treatment.

5. Combined with four 18650 batteries, capacity: 4400mAh Voltage: 8.4V, can work for 3-4 hours.

6. Waterproof design; O type ring; blasting rain still normal use;

Features: 1. Can be fixed on a bicycle, use sa a lamp;

2. With elastic rubber band caps, with the lamp when the headlights use.

7. Note:

A. Charge in a safe place when you were

B. Do not disassemble the battery pacd, so as not to affect product performance and safety hazard.