HM520 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner fashionable, easy to use, with reasonable price.

HM520 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner fashionable, easy to use, with reasonable price.

Product description:

Product Name:

5 In 1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Auto Vacuuming, Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Auto Mopping, UV Lamp Sterilizing, Air Filter, Avoid Falling Down, Avoid Bumping, Normal & Fast Two Speed Mode, Full Go, Timing Cleaning, Auto Charging, Wireless Remote Control, Space Isolator, LCD Screen, Touch Button, Dual HEPA Air Filters, Extremely Low Noise


` Material: ABS, PC and PA6

` Input voltage: 100 to 240V

` Output voltage: 24V DC

` Voltage of battery: 14.4V (Ni-MH batteries)

` Unit average power: 15 to 31W

` Dust capacity: 0.37L

` Battery capacity: 1500mA

` Charge time: about 5 hours

` Working time: 60 to 120 minutes

` Size: Dimensions (D x H) : 32 x 8.7cm


` Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors

` Counter rotating main brush and rubber brushwork together like a dustpan and broom

` Side brush make the cleaner more efficient at cleaning edges and corners

` Fine filter traps dust and tiny particulate inside the dustbin

` Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges

` Gentle touch bumper to protect furniture and wall surfaces

` Built-in cliff avoidance sensor to prevent from falling down stairs

` Virtual wall creates an invisible wall which can block the cleaner from entering off-limit areas


` Automatically returns to the dock station for self-charging

` Automatically start cleaning when being fully charged

` Automatically cleaning at a preset time

` Wireless remote control allows you to conveniently control the robot's functions

` Can easily know it's working status on the LCD screen

` Tightness, and highly modularization design, easy to do regular cleaning

` UV lamp on the bottom can effectively kill bacteria and purify the environment

` With Mop can sweep and mop floor at the same time

` Fast and slow cleaning mode for your selection


` Automatic cleaning and charging (before the batteries power run out, the cleaner will search the station and charge automatically)

` Charging time can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week

` With stair avoidance sensors to avoid the cleaner for falling down

` With non-marring bumper (when meet barrier, it will rebound, but work still)

` With touch-sensitive sensor to get out of the tight places, such as sofas, beds and more

` With virtual wall (if you need clean one room/ a certain area only, you may open the virtual wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/ area)

` With remote controller, you use it to set cleaning time, speed, docking and timing cleaning

` With mop for wet cleaning the floor

` With UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor

` Low-noise, only 50dB

` Easy to clean design

` All our items are assured to be brand new and carried with fully at least 12 months warranty.

` During warranty period, if any problem happens due to quality reason, please be cooperative to take photos or videos on the problem and send to us for verifying.

` For confirmed product faulty on your approval, we can send you replacement parts free of charge.