Surveillance camera one machine | Dome camera card home monitor night vision camera HD

Surveillance camera one machine | Dome camera card home monitor night vision camera HD

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Luowice / radium Viewse
  • Model: LWS-707-ZL30W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • color: black
  • Focal length: 3.6mm

Please Do not take the low-end machine and we compared our OV7725 sensor using industrial-grade, non-7670 low-end sensor, the original Ding Yuan infrared light. Laid low failure rate, long-term use no problem!
The new upgrade Support 32G card Use Easy to install, Plug and play, no wiring , Work independently throughout the day without fear.


The machine can be mounted on a ceiling or flat on the table, but they must be fixed in position and rotating the hemisphere is on the surface of the LED monitor environment from the captured image is skewed.

Job Description:

Connect an external power supply, intelligent products detect whether TF card (include: instructions yellow / blue light, yellow light flashing press button to start recording automatically cycle mode; no: Indicates yellow / blue light flashing colleagues, suggesting that there is no find TF card).

TF card reads:

Products in the power of work, if you want to take the card to read the contents inside, press button flashing yellow recording status, press the button yellow / blue lights lit at the same time, the video file has been saved can be removed TF card.

Warning: In the video status prohibit taken directly TF card

File name:

The video file to start the recording time to a name, such XF2010-6-29-9-30, indicates that the file on 2010-6-10 9:30 start recording. Such retrieval is very convenient. A video file longest 30 minutes, more than 30 minutes, the other from a file.

Video playback:

After connecting your computer, double-click to open the removable disk, enter / VIDEO / RECORD image video clip, select the appropriate video image, playing out more directly with the appropriate player software can play, or copy files on your computer.

Reset the machine:

When the product used in the process is abnormal, when the crash press the reset button hole.

Memory management:

When finished using the memory, the oldest video files will be automatically deleted, use the entire memory cycle, in general, flash memory endurance of 3000 times actual size and the environment as well as video files recording mode has a great relationship.