Factory direct XY022H water induction Colorful LED Coke Cup creative birthday gift to pour on the light flashing cup

Factory direct XY022H water induction Colorful LED Coke Cup creative birthday gift to pour on the light flashing cup

Product description:

Suggested retail price ¥25.00 Product Category Coke Cup Brand Shun Yu
Num. XY022H Material Acrylic For people Common
style Creative Occasions for gifts Multiple Place of origin Zhejiang
Time to market 2013 Spring shape Round Features Light
structure Single Price segment 5-10 yuan Is there a patent Have
Patent type Utility model patents Patent No 2011 2 0454743.8 Suitable Common
package Folding Packing 13 * 8.6 * 8.6CM Custom processing no
Printed LOGO can pattern Solid weight 0.156 kg
Whether imported no Colour Coke cup water induction luminous, light-emitting skull cup water sensor, water sensor thickened beer mugs, water induction luminous vase Cup capacity 301-400ml

XY022H water induction Colorful LED Coke Cup

Cup of green transparent LED Cup itself is transparent cup Pour liquid (water, soft drinks, beer, etc.) on the light, suitable for celebration, parties, bars, gifts, etc. is very new and interesting.

Note that water induction cup, add water needs will light, no water is not bright.

New luminous glass can replace the battery in the evening more brightly brighter and more high
Wholesale price: 7.20 yuan / month

Baby Description

Scope: bars, discos, specialty restaurants, casual, party, dating, friends, gifts, etc.
Flash modes: water induction
Flash color: seven color

QTY: 120 / piece

Carton: 70 * 45 * 45CM

GW / NW: 18/16
Specifications: Diameter 8.1cm * high 12.8cm (12oz)

Material: PP environmental protection new material, acrylic food safety

Material: Acrylic (PS plastic, food grade) is neither a glass (of the plexiglass, but no glass NA me brittle); nor is plastic (like plastic, but much more than the hard plastic); nontoxic, ease of use.
Packing: box
Lighting duration: 15 hours

Battery: CR2025 button battery 2 (built-in)

We also have a battery wholesale, battery link: http:. // Detail 1688. com / offer / 1211902288. html

Add water, colorful lights will be issued for a variety of celebrations, bars, nightclubs and other occasions.

Features: This is the dazzle that's cool, regardless of bars, discos, or dinner dinner or a romantic candlelight dinner, a show of hands to do is show off colorful lights glaring; when the cup inside the drinks, also glow dazzling colorful lights! time, that is a kind of charm and mysterious, even the stimulation of fresh feeling!
Detailed description:

Ordinary cup no features, no passion, we built this cup colorful lights module, turn on the switch, very eye-catching;
Cup inside the drinks because light against the background will look even more fantastic, fascinated!
Pour water cup light, no water cups will not light.


1. When cleaning, do not wash the cup in the water, because the water in general electronic products, will likely lead to an electronic short circuit and affect the service life.

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