Factory direct LED light glasses | vases cups water induction | colorful luminous color mug | Creative daily

Factory direct LED light glasses | vases cups water induction | colorful luminous color mug | Creative daily

Product description:

Num. XY022 Product Category Beer Cup Material crystal
capacity 301-400ml style Classic Colour Multi-colored
The number of 1 Time to market 2013 Spring Price segment 5-10 yuan
Custom processing no Packing single Printed LOGO can
Trading properties Domestic + foreign trade package Folding weight 0.156 kg
grade Level 1 Unified conversion units Months Whether imported no
Size Water induction vase cup, water cup induction small cola, water induction skull cup, beer mug water induction thickened water induction octagonal cup, pineapple cup water induction

(Into the water that bright, dazzling bright!)

(Passion, the implication is to drink a cup of bright Oh!)
XY022G pour on the light-emitting glass vase flash cup induction

Features: Whether bars, discos, or dinner dinner or a romantic candlelight dinner, a show of hands to do is show off colorful lights glaring; when the cup inside the drinks, also glow dazzling colorful lights when it is a kind of charm and mystery, Even fresh stimulus feeling!

Detailed description: Ordinary cup no features, no passion, we built this cup colorful lights module, pour on the light, very eye-catching; cup inside the drinks because of light against the background will look even more fantastic, fascinated!

Packaging: The English version of boxed
Light color: five color LED lights, red, yellow, blue, green automatic Magic;
Battery Power: Built-in two CR2025 button batteries can be replaced (by a coin swing open the battery cover to replace the base)
Continuous lighting time: 20 hours

Cup of green transparent LED Cup itself is transparent cup Pour liquid (water, soft drinks, beer, etc.) on the light, suitable for celebration, parties, bars, gifts, etc. is very new and interesting.

Material:. PS plastic (food grade) is neither a glass (of the plexiglass, but no glass NA me brittle); not an ordinary plastic (like plastic, but much harder than plastic a); nontoxic, assured use.


1. When cleaning, try not to wash the cup in the water, because the water in general electronic products, will likely lead to an electronic short circuit and affect the life; you can grab the cup in his hand rinse.

2. replace the battery: use a 1 yuan coin, stuck in the middle of the cup at the bottom of the battery cover slot, turn on it; if the lid does not fall down, struck a few more hands on it.

3. In case of an individual cup of water poured brighter future, please take out the battery to the bottom of the cup, the inside of the water drying and then allowed to dry naturally, the next day and re-install the battery, you can.

Carton: 75 * 45 * 45cm (120 / piece)

Dimensions: Diameter 8.2cm * high 14.5cm

XY022E water induction thickened beer mug

XY022H water sensor with a small Coke Cup

XY022J induction skull cup water