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Round compass

Round compass
  • Round compass
Product code: 18849500001
Unit price: 12 CNY  (1.75 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 1KG
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Innovative compass ball

Liquid filled compass ball, rotating automatically to indicate the direction

Fast Response and precision Engineering, always guides you the right direction

With easy-to-read & precise markings for cardinal directions

E, S; W; N; Arabic numerals & an arrow

Unique throwing ball gesture features this unit

Palm-sized & lightweight with solid construction

Super easy to take it with you anywhere

Has adhesive suction cup for mounting in on any flat surface, eg. Car windshield

Works well in all weather conditions

Can be used on cars, boats etc.

Color: mainly black and white as shown in the picture

Item height: 5.5cm

Ball diameter: 2.8cm

Note: Keeps it away from kids to avoid accidental swallowing

Package Included:

1 x Compass Ball

Compass with flexible sucker ship new cars
Innovative compass ball
Liquid-filled compass ball, automatically indicate the direction of rotation
Rapid response and precision engineering, will always guide you in the right direction
Easy to read and accurate labeling directions
Arabic numerals and arrows
Unique throwing ball gesture features
The palm-sized and lightweight solid
Super easy to put it anywhere in your
Sticky sucker mounted on any flat surface, such as a car windshield
Suitable for all weather conditions
It can be used in automobiles, ships and so on.
Color: black and white as shown in Figure
Height of Project: 5.5 cm
Ball diameter: 2.8 cm
Note: it away from children to avoid accidental swallowing
Package includes:
1 * Compass ball