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GUC Gifts | Sound USB | electronic magic lamp | 3 inches | Touch colorful magic lamp | electrostatic induction ball magic

GUC Gifts | Sound USB | electronic magic lamp | 3 inches | Touch colorful magic lamp | electrostatic induction ball magic
  • GUC Gifts | Sound USB | electronic magic lamp | 3 inches | Touch colorful magic lamp | electrostatic induction ball magic
Product code: 1884400001
Unit price: 29.9-32 CNY
Reference price: 4.35-4.66 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Light type Halogen Voltage 5 (V) Shade Material glass
Dimensions Packing size: 15x10x10cm (mm) The main scope Leisure and entertainment, exhibition halls, home sites, hotel rooms Switch Type Push-button
style modern Average life 50000 (h) Occasions for gifts Opening ceremony, birthday, awards commemorate, advertising promotions, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, festivals, fairs, housewarming
Printed LOGO can Custom processing It is Power supply USB powered
Power source 5 (W) Light Color Symphony

GY116: USB voice-activated electronic magic ball

Wholesale price: 29.90 yuan / month, with other products mixed batch;
Product Number: GY116
Product Name: USB voice-activated electronic magic ball dancing along with the music, jump!
Other names: ion crystal ball, voice electronic magic ball, plasma mug magic lamp, electronic magic ball, plasma lamp, voice magic lamp, negative ion electronic magic ball light, photoelectric magic ball, ball lightning thunderbolt;
This is definitely a wonderful mystical sphere, with your eyes when you look at the past, when, transparent sphere inside as lightning, very spectacular;
If you use your fingertips touching the ball, there will be a fantastic feeling entirely your fingertips could have put the ball inside the light gathering in line with your finger dancing, as well as breathtaking voice came hissing;
Of course you can also use your fingers and ball contact Shiyao wonderful scene changes happen? Might own tests!
Detailed description:
The new upgrade modeling style design, it would be completely transparent internal organs status display for you to see!
Loading voice mode, regardless of your cough, shout, or clap his hands inside the ball will glow crashed changes;
Even more amazing is that it will flicker with the music beats, for example, your music box, a computer to play a song, as well as indoor sound, music, and so the car can affect it;
Product beautifully chic, fashionable, resting in the room, the living room, a desk, a television, or next to the computer very hyun cool!
--- Three gear control power switch, voice sensing mode, Presentation mode;
Packaging: The English version of boxed
Packing size: 15x10x10cm
Color models: a transparent sphere and transparency of peacock blue base
Material: high quality plastic fine material, different from ordinary plastic, not easy to smashes a more solid product;
Main configuration: electronic magic ball, USB power cord;
Battery Power: directly plugged into a computer USB port power supply, 5V
Unit Weight: 246g
Carton quantity: 36PCS
Carton Size: 42 * 42 * 31.5CM
Gross Weight: 15KG
Weight: 13KG

Related Note: The above relates to products related to color, style, model, packaging, weight and so on parameters there may be error or change, order are finally shipment shall prevail!

Warning: If you are placed in the cab car, then you had better be vigilant, after all, this little baby is too eye-catching, easy to disperse around the driver's line of sight!
Secondary effect: produce reactive oxygen species: the use of high-voltage negative ion generating negative ions, and then activate the oxygen molecules in the air and make it easily absorbed by human activity;
Improve lung function: 30 minutes after inhalation of negative ions, oxygen absorption in lung function increased twenty percent, while more than fifteen percent of carbon dioxide;
Air conditioning disease prevention: anion decomposition bacteria, dust, keep the air clean, eliminate fatigue, can effectively prevent air conditioning disease;
Promote metabolism: negative oxygen ions can activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism;
Enhanced disease resistance: negative oxygen ions makes all the work efficiency, can improve sleep, a significant analgesic effect;
Bactericidal function: anion easy absorption of bacteria, to structural changes and energy transfer occurs, leading to bacterial disease death, no longer generate new bacteria species;
Clean Air: negative ions floating in the air of smoke and dust combine to precipitate, so that the air becomes clean;
Reduce electrostatic radiation: negative ions "-" charge and display "+" charge phase and, reduce electrostatic radiation;
Other features: disinfection functions --- anion can neutralize static electricity, effectively reducing the electrostatic air pollution;
Will produce a large number of high-speed movement of negative ions when used in the thermal effect under the lights, the use of aerodynamics, can be more effectively spread evenly throughout the interior space of the environment for disinfection and decontamination no dead ends;
--- Anion air purification sphere has issued fresh air, the decomposition of nicotine absorption and decoration produce formaldehyde and other harmful gases, dust particles;
When the negative ions in the air cell binding bacteria, the bacteria cells died due to structural changes;
By negatively charged ions floating in the air and positively charged dust, smoke, so that the loss of activity of natural precipitation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of its clean air.
Electrostatic induction --- The product use incentive plasma discharge principle made, when you hand on top of the electron beam will be there with you, like your hand is amazing, like magic; hands touch the body on the planet, will be the speed of light With fingertips jumping, very dynamic;

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