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0.6cm thickness | Single thicker aluminum mats | picnic mat crawling mat | Outdoor Mats

0.6cm thickness | Single thicker aluminum mats | picnic mat crawling mat | Outdoor Mats
  • 0.6cm thickness | Single thicker aluminum mats | picnic mat crawling mat | Outdoor Mats
Product code: 18841300001
Unit price: 48 CNY  (6.98 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 100KG
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SKU: out034
Product Name: aluminum tide covered pad
Product Specifications: 180x60 cm
Material EVA physical foam, aluminum-sided cover
[Introduction] side of the EVA material, the other side of the plated foil with moisture, abrasion, soft, light and other features. A certain thickness, suitable for tents, picnic
, Camping, yoga, fitness, fishing and other use. Make your camping more comfortable!

A classification of mats
1, the rubber inflatable: comfortable, cheap; heavy, blowing effort, easy to carry. Basically been eliminated
2, single chemical foam pad: cheap, light; warm and poor, poor comfort, not durable. Basically been eliminated
Double chemical foam pad: cheap, relatively light, wear; flavored. Suitable for renting.
4, the physics of foam pad: affordable; warm; good moisture resistance; and tasteless; slightly larger size
Self-inflatable pad: small size; warm and good moisture resistance; easy to carry; weight; winter use of the charge shortage of anger air
Second, how to choose moisture-proof pad
The moisture pad basic foam moisture pads with self-inflatable mattress two. Light foam moisture pads, cheap, but not compression volume is relatively large, through
Often need to hang outside in the backpack; self-inflatable mat can be compressed into very small into a backpack, but the weight of the larger and more expensive. As for how to select anti-
Tide pad, entirely a matter of personal economic affordability and use of the environment. The foam pad moisture in the choice also should consider the mat
Shape, washboard-type, honeycomb type of classes would be better cushion the effect of the groove design.
Three mats Cautions
1, preferably with a moisture pad to use, you can better protect the mat
2, the mat can not replace the function of the moisture pad
Plug in the backpack, the best vertical hanging
Mats can replace the role of the mat or ground cloth
Mats maintenance
1, using the ground have to pay attention to whether the formation of a class of foreign body such as stones or tree branches.
2, is a consumable; when used carefully; especially the self-inflatable mattress; punctured a lot of trouble