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GUC small gifts XY021 colorful pagoda Nightlight | luminous Nightlight | night market stall selling goods

GUC small gifts XY021 colorful pagoda Nightlight | luminous Nightlight | night market stall selling goods
  • GUC small gifts XY021 colorful pagoda Nightlight | luminous Nightlight | night market stall selling goods
Product code: 1883800001
Unit price: 4.6-5.2 CNY
Reference price: 0.67-0.76 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Suggested retail price ¥12.00 Light type led lights Voltage AG13 (V)
Shade Material Acrylic Dimensions 70 * 60 * 145 (mm) The main scope Leisure and entertainment, hotel lobbies, showrooms, home sites, hotel rooms
Switch Type Push aside style Modern minimalist Average life 5000 (h)
Occasions for gifts Birthday, advertising promotions, business gifts, holiday, fairs, housewarming Printed LOGO can Custom processing no
Power supply battery Power source AG13 (W) Light Color Colorful automatic color

XY021 colorful pagoda Nightlight

(Material): Acrylic

(Product Specifications): 6 * 14.5 CM

(Product packaging): carton

(Product Description): contains three AG13 button batteries, lighting Colorful automatically transform

Battery links: http: //detail.china.alibaba.com/ offer / 1162450886. html

Suitable for a variety of Valentine's Day wedding birthday party KTV bar

Wholesale price: 4.60 yuan / month, notes: wholesale at wholesale mixed batch of more than 200 yuan, please contact customer service to change the price (wholesale price).

Some common questions:

Which is equipped with a battery it:? There

Shiyao battery it:? Button batteries

You can change the battery run out:? Can be changed, store these batteries are common, the price of one to a few cents or so.

How long can light ah: continuous 20 hours around the bottom of the switch can be turned on when not needed.

You can choose colors: This paragraph is colorful lights, automatically change color every few seconds, so this paragraph no color distinction.

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